Great job! You’ve thought about your wishes, had conversations, chose what documents were right for you and filled them out according to their legal requirements.

Now it’s time to share your wishes and documents with family, friends AND your provider.
This is an important step!


  • Make copies for yourself.
  • Make copies for your providers and have a conversation – have them put a copy in your medical record.
  • Make copies for your family and friends – share your wishes with them.
  • Carry information with you – Advance Care Planning Wallet Card.
  • Whenever you visit a new provider, ER room or hospital, bring a copy of your documents with you.
  • If you have a MOST form or CPR Directive – Post the documents somewhere visible in your home for first responders to find – like on your refrigerator.
  • Store your MDPOA and Living Will in an easily accessed location, and make sure your decision maker knows and can get to them.


  • Just keep these documents in your safety deposit box or at home.
  • Assume that your family, friends and providers already know your wishes.
  • Assume that your provider has a copy of your directives on file.

“I think follow through is very important on these things. It’s one thing to get an upfront document done, but it’s what you can do afterwards so that you’re not just stuck in your own rowboat.”

– A man with Parkinson’s disease