These documents need to be completed with your medical provider.
Ask your doctor if these documents are right for you.

These documents address specific medical choices related to cardiopulmonary resuscitation or CPR, nutrition and medical interventions. These documents must be filled out with your medical provider to be valid.

The Colorado Medical Orders for Scope of Treatment (MOST) form has medical decisions about certain life sustaining treatments. This form is not for all people. This document is intended for individuals with serious illness or frailty. It is best to talk about this with your provider.
This form requires a signature from a Medical Doctor (MD), Advanced Practice Nurse (APN), or a Physicians Assistant (PA)

For more information, please visit the Colorado MOST program website here.

Colorado MOST Form (download here)

The Colorado CPR Directive is specifically for those who do not want to be resuscitated by CPR in the event their heart or breathing stops. This document does not include other interventions. Some individuals also prefer to wear DNR bracelets in case of an emergency.

This form requires a signature from a Medical Doctor (MD)

Colorado CPR Directive (download here)